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About the Author

Keri M. White, author, The Mommy Code

Having spent part of my career as a seventh grade teacher, I am completely comfortable correcting inappropriate behavior and offering improving suggestions to others. This tendency, fused with the growing rudeness epidemic in our society led to the launch of my etiquette and advice blog, http://www.thesocialgrace.com/, which then generated several writing gigs, and a semi-regular television spot on Good Day Philadelphia. It also resulted in my being called an insufferable know-it-all occasionally, but I’m ok with that.

Increasingly, the questions I received on the blog and in my advice columns were about parenting, and they were often related to experiences I had as a rookie mom when my kids were little—some of which I managed and others which confounded me. Things like what to do about mom-on-mom bullying, how to navigate birthday parties, manage playground frenemies and escape from competitive playgroups were the topics of the day. After muscling through a bunch of these challenges over a period of years, it occurred to me that most of them could be met by embracing the message conveyed by these three simple words: Share; Care, and Dare. So The Mommy Code was born.


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