When I first had kids, I felt that I had entered an alien world.

Keri M. White, author, The Mommy CodePlaygroups, Mommy-and-Me, Baby Yoga, breastfeeding wars and many other strange customs converged upon me. Flummoxed, I thumbed through a slew of parenting books, but there didn’t seem to be a guide to this new territory. And it is different from the all-adult culture that we knew before spawn.  Sure, I could work a room at a cocktail party, navigate office politics, make friends at the gym, and follow the general norms of cafes, bars, and other adult places.  But mommy social scenes are different…

Where was the book that tells you how to host a family dinner party without anesthesia? Or how to extricate yourself from a toxic playgroup. What to say to a co-worker laughing at the baby vomit on your lapel? Or how to refrain from poisoning your mother-in-law when she laments for the seventh time that her poor son looks so thin and tired?

The Mommy Code will guide you through the unwritten rules of this new game. It details real life challenges that Mommies face every day and offers concrete, proven ways to meet them. Most importantly, it will help you keep your sense of humor along the way.

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